We are proud to offer exciting and innovative wash pads for all of your washing and containment needs.Pro-clean Pads are not only environmentally friendly ,but they also help companies save time and money by avoiding the need to ship equipment back to a yard to be washed during or in between jobs. These 20x40 or 16x32  pads are simply set up on site for construction equipment to sit on while the disinfecting process takes place. The contaminated solids and liquids then flow into a separate containment which allows a Vacuum truck to remove these contaminants and dispose of them properly.

Containment System


Pro-Clean Wash & Steam also offers hydovac services. Hydro vacs are trucks that use hi pressure water along  with powerful suction in order to excavate , or to remove soil water and other substances from unwanted areas.Hydrovac excavating is environmentally friendly because it is a precise digging option and does not disturb the the soil or plant life around the digging site.Our hydrovacs suction system and water pressure system makes our wash pad and hydro vac the perfect pair. 

Pro-Clean Wash & Steam Inc

Our top of the line washing trucks are equipped with both pressure washers and a steam wand. We are ready for any job but specialize in washing pipeline and oilfield equipment. Our operators are easy to work with and take direction well. So whether you need a peice of equipment washed or a pipeline steamed call our experts to get the job done right.

If you have any questions about the services that we provide please feel free to contact us.

Pressure Washing and Steam

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